Councillors not running or undecided

Toronto politicians still undeclared for 2010 election
By Kris Scheuer
(Updated  July 15.)

Councillor David Shiner

Councillor David Shiner has not registered for re-election yet.

Of the 44 city councillors, 41 have made their intentions known.
Only three councillors yet either register or announce if they aren’t running at all.
Mark Grimes (Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 6) hasn’t registered.
Mike Feldman (York Centre Ward 10) has told my colleague Karolyn he might retire and there are certainly consistent rumours he will. But he’s not made any decision pubic yet.
David Shiner (Willowdale Ward 24) hasn’t registered, which is no shocker because in 2003 and 2006 he also filed his nomination papers late in the campaign.  No word on if he’s running though in the past two months he’s indicated he plans to.
In a way, there’s no rush for incumbents to register. It can sometimes scare off potential rivals who wait to see what the current council plans to do. But it can also backfire if a candidate is vulnerable of losing or if there’s persistent rumours a councillor isn’t running then challengers may register ahead of the incumbent declaring one way or another.
What do you think will any or all five be running for re-election?
I have been keeping a running tab since Jan. 4, the first day candidates could register, on all the councillor and mayoral contestants. I update this list sometimes twice daily.
But here’s a quick synopsis of the remaining 41 current council members.
5 not running: Councillors Case Ootes, Kyle Rae, Michael Walker, Brian Ashton and Adam Giambrone are not seeking re-election.
3 running for mayor instead: Councillors Rob Ford, Giorgio Mammoliti and Joe Pantalone.
33 running for re-election in their wards:  Councillors Ron Moeser, Paul Ainslie, Raymond Cho, Chin Lee, Norm Kelly, Mike Del Grande, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Michael Thompson, Adrian Heaps, Doug Holyday, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Shelley Carroll, Sandra Bussin, Janet Davis, Paula Fletcher, Pam McConnell, John Parker, Cliff Jenkins, John Filion, Joe Mihevc, Adam Vaughan, Cesar Palacio, Howard Moscoe, Karen Stintz, Gord Perks, Bill Saundercook, Frank Di Giorgio, Frances  Nunziata, Maria Augimeri, Anthony Perruzza, Peter Milczyn, Gloria Lindsay Luby and Suzan Hall.

2 responses to “Councillors not running or undecided

  1. Don’t know if Shiner is running but I see more communication from his office in the last couple of months.

    • Nussy,
      interesting. I am hearing the same from people living in other wards where the incumbent is registered and running again.
      I will be attempting to find out if Shiner’s running or not. I will ask him, but he can be elusive when he wants to be.

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