Adam Giambrone out of mayor’s race

Giambrone’s week long campaign to be mayor of TO ended today
His personal affairs aired in public, force retreat from mayoral race
By Kris Scheuer
(Written for Town Crier Feb. 10)

Adam Giambrone at a press conference apologizes for his "relationships" with women other than his live-in partner. He's no longer running for mayor. Photo by Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

Adam Giambrone’s out of the mayor’s race.
At a hastily called press conference at 11 am Feb. 10, Giambrone apologized for his indiscretions without naming Kristen Lucas specifically.
He did not directly announce his departure from the mayor’s race. However, a few minutes after Giambrone refused to answer questions about the affair and his political future, an executive assistant made the announcement: “His mayoralty campaign ends today.” Giambrone has publicly admitted to the Toronto Star he had an “inappropriate relationship” with Lucas while maintaining a committed relationship with his live-in partner Sarah McQuarrie.
This morning is the first time he has made a public appearance to address the issue and he used the opportunity to  apologize to many people in his life.
“There are weeks that change your life and this one has certainly changed mine. This whole searing experience has taught me, I hope permanently, that a career of integrity can not survive mistakes in your private life,” said a visibly shaken Giambrone.
“For the hurt I have caused my partner Sarah, my family, friends and supporters. To them I respectfully in front of you, heavily apologize,” he said in a short statement at a packed press conference in a committee room at city hall.
“I want to apologize to the my fellow councillors for the negative attention I have brought them and to this chamber. I want to apologize also to communities across this city, to the young people who believed in me,” said the 32-year-old.
“It is my sincere hope that they continue to believe in themselves and their ability to make positive change.”
Mayor David Miller was in Ottawa today where he was the key note speaker at the FCM Sustainable cities conference. In a press statement released at 1 pm Feb. 10, Miller said “Councillor Giambrone’s decision to leave the mayoralty race is regrettable. His voice and the vision he could have brought to this important campaign will be missed but his decision to focus on his private life and his current duties is understandable.”
Former MPP and mayoral hopeful George Smitherman issued his own statement, “Mr Giambrone’s withdrawal from the race for mayor is not news that any of us greet happily. In particular, it must be a very difficult time for his family, friends and supporters. Nevertheless, under the circumstances, his decision is understandable and appropriate.”
Smitherman’s went on to state that Giambrone’s desire to remain in place as Chair of the TTC “is decidedly a public matter. Torontonians deserve a public transit system that works and works well for them. Today more than ever Torontonians deserve leadership at the TTC that is 100 per cent focused on the urgent task of improving service and responsiveness to the public.”
“It is clear that Mr Giambrone is in not in a position to commit that degree of focus nor provide the leadership that is necessary to get the job done for riders, workers or taxpayers. With those interests in mind, he should step down as Chair of the TTC.  I have already detailed some of my ideas to overhaul the TTC. I look forward to debating those and the further changes I have planned to improve TTC performance,” Smitherman stated.
“Toronto needs a new energy and direction from its city leadership with a progressive, balanced plan to get our city working for the people of Toronto. That is and will remain the focus of my campaign.”


3 responses to “Adam Giambrone out of mayor’s race

  1. Adam Giambrone officially withdrew March 10 from mayor’s race.

  2. As of Feb. 27, Giambrone is still a registered candidate for mayor despite stating he planned to withdraw on Feb. 10. There’s no legal reason why he can’t still run for mayor, it’s just a curiosity that he didn’t withdraw his name as planned.

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