Social housing Toronto beach property fix up

Interior at 42 Hubbard will be gutted, mould removed
Tenants can move back in summer 2011 to renovated apartments
By Kris Scheuer
(Written Jan. 14 for Town Crier.)

The city is fixing up this Beach-front social housing complex. Photo Kris Scheuer/Town Crier.

Deborah Beaven can’t wait to move back to her beachfront Toronto Community Housing residence.
Beaven lived at 42 Hubbard Boulevard for 20 years before she and all the tenants were relocated so TCH could fix the mouldy low-rise complex
The city-owned social housing provider recently held a meeting to update tenants on when they can return and how the building will be renovated.
“I was happy to know they are going forward and will rebuild,” she said. Not only will the building be fixed to deal with the mould problem but it is being redesigned and retrofitted as well.
“No stone has been left unturned,” Councillor Sandra Bussin said. “It’s a very ecologically, environmentally-friendly building. I am totally impressed.”
The new front access will be wheelchair accessible, grey water will be reused for heating and cooling, there will be a rooftop garden and amenity space for tenants to socialize, Bussin said.
Kyle Rooks, a spokesperson for Toronto Community Housing said the exterior will remain but the entire mouldy interior will be gutted.
“The construction material will be steel. a mould inhibitor as opposed to the old wood frame,” he said.
Construction will begin this spring and tenants should be able to move back by summer 2011. The 27-unit building is steps from Balmy Beach and has a 50/50 split of rent-geared-to-income and market rent apartments, said Rooks.
“We entered into a first right to return with tenants. We met with them one on one and they were (relocated) throughout the city,” Rooks said.
Beaven will return to 42 Hubbard  as soon as the building is ready. “Of course I will move back,” she said. “It’s my home.”


2 responses to “Social housing Toronto beach property fix up

  1. Yes Deborah Beavens needs to get out of the seniors building where she is breeding GREAT Danes!

    • Diane, I am sorry I am not sure I know what you are talking about. Are you saying that Deborah is breading Great Danes in a senior’s building she’s been placed in while Toronto Community Housing fixes up the Hubbard apartment building where she used to live?

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