Sandra Bussin to seek re-election

Councillor Bussin plans to run again in Beaches East York
Toronto Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher already registered
By Kris Scheuer and Karolyn Coorsh
(Written Jan. 14 for Town Crier newspaper.)

Councillor Sandra Bussin

Councillor Sandra Bussin will register for re-election in ward 32.

She may be in no hurry to formally register but make no mistake: Beaches-East York councillor Sandra Bussin is seeking re-election in her ward this year.
“Yes, I will be registering sometime in the future,” the ward 32 rep said in an interview at a Danforth Avenue restaurant. “There are a number of projects I am still interested in pursuing.”
One of the issues dear to her heart is ensuring incineration was not brought back to Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant.
In December, she successfully had council remove a certificate for approval for incineration at the treatment plant. This means burning the residue from water treatment is no longer an option as part of the approved Biosolids Master Plan, said Bussin.
She would like to be back to steer the completion of the Beach Skateboard Park and the new TTC streetcar storage and repair facility at Leslie Street and Lakeshore Boulevard.
She hasn’t decided on an election strategy yet.
“Every campaign is different,” she said. “Something (always) happens where there’s a new challenge of some sort.” Bussin was first elected to city council in 1997, prior to that was a school trustee and a senior political advisor at Queen’s Park for 15 years.
As of Jan. 15, Bruce Baker and Albert Castells had registered as candidates in the ward 32 race.
Neighbouring Toronto-Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher is also seeking re-election, but don’t expect to see her canvassing any time soon.

Councillor Paula Fletcher

Councillor Paula Fletcher is seeking re-election.

“I’m just registering to let people know my intention,” said the ward 30 rep. “I won’t be actually campaigning for quite awhile.”
Fletcher, who was first elected to Toronto council in 2003, said it’s too early for councillors to start speculating on mayoral candidates.
“This is way too early,” she said.  “I think that everybody, just like the rest of the community, we’re just waiting to see what people have to say on issues that are very important.”
Fletcher has been a vocal supporter of Mayor David Miller, having been a member of his executive committee. She said she’d support a candidate who wants to continue a large number of initiatives that have begun over the last four years.
She’d be opposed to a candidate who’d consider selling off public assets.
As for her own ward, Fletcher wants to continue working on increasing residential and commercial solar energy use, implementing green jobs in Toronto and city-building.
“I am very big on getting all of my parks just as beautiful, wonderful community spaces,” she said. As of Jan. 15, the only other candidate registered for ward 30 was Nadeem Jilani.


14 responses to “Sandra Bussin to seek re-election

  1. Well, yes, she has done a lot of harm, but to get her agenda through she needed the help of some other councellors, so, I guess its Democracy , and we cant really get around that unfortunately. I understand she going up for re-election. That’s fine. Mayor Ford will put her so far back in the councel chambers with her “brown bag” lunch, she will wonder what happened. I want to be their that day.

  2. I’ll admit that I am not a fan of “Miller and his crew” as many of the lefty candidates have been referred. Putting that aside, I would wonder if an endorsement from Mr. Miller would be a help or a hindrance these days considering public support for the closest candidate (from an idealogical standpoint), Mr. Pantalone, is not faring well in the polls. I could however, be drawing an incorrect linkage / conclusion.

    • Kevin, you can’t blame how well Deputy Mayor Pantalone is doing in his mayoral bid merely on whether Mayor Miller has endorsed him and they are closely linked. Pantalone has to come up with policies people like and say the things people want to hear, like all candidates, in order to attract voters.
      From what I have seen at debates and city council, etc Pantalone wants to continue on the same road with improvements. That will interest some and turn off others who feel the city’s gone in the wrong direction and needs someone to steer it on a different path.

    • As well, in terms of local candidates, it is hard to beat incumbents unless they have done something truly scandalous. It’s true some people taking on councillors Sandra Bussim, Paula Fletcher or Joe Mihevc will argue it’s time for new blood on council and that these councillors are part of “Miller’s crew”. But that accusation alone isn’t enough to unseat them. You would need enough voters in each of their wards to think the city is failing and the local communities are worse off under their watch. Anti-David Miller sentiment will only not beat local councillors.

  3. There’s a letter of endorsement for Sandra Bussin from Mayor David Miller. Read it then tell me what you think?

  4. Thanks for re-instating my comments and I agree that the word “allies” is more appropriate and no I am not, as of yet, working for any candidate. Best regards, Craig

  5. To me, Sandra Bussin is symbolic of the sense of entitlement Miller’s (allies) represent on a daily basis. I realize the left is strong in the beaches but the voters have to stand back and really examine the mess Miller’s crew have put us in and if you have kids, their taxes someday will still be paying off frivolous ventures like Fletcher’s 50 million dollar grant to “Filmport” of all places while both these councillors again blow through every penny of their $53,000 expense account in 2010. I ask everyone to put an end to it now.

    • Craig,
      thanks for your recent comments. I did delete the word “Coolies” and replaced it with Allies as Coolies is also used a derogatory slang.
      And in the name of full disclosure, I am happy to post your comments as long as they aren’t defamatory, but are you working for, volunteering for or know any of the candidates running in Ward 32?

  6. Deborah McIntosh

    Hello Kris

    I consider Ms. Bussin part of Miller and his crew. If you look at her voting record it is identical to Mayor Miller’s. We need a community leader that can think for themselves and for the residents of ward 32. Following the mayor has led to the problems our city is now facing.

    I understand that our councillor was absent for the December council vote on the payout to Adrian Heaps and I realized that had she been present our Councillor certainly would have been named in the subsequent lawsuit.

    I will be lookin at the candidates very closely this year but for me it will not be the incumbent.

    • Deborah,
      Yes many people are upset about council voting to increase Coun Adrian Heaps salary by $65,680 to pay his $36,000 legal expenses and the $29,680 extra taxes he’ll have to pay on his income taxes against city legal’s advice. I understand that issue will be re-opened at city council the end of Jan. I am always glad to see people paying attention to city hall policies and decisions.

  7. Today at work, I got a call from Ward 32 candidate Bruce Baker. He wanted to know if I am only interviewing the incumbent or if I will also do stories on all local candidates. I assured him I will indeed do a profile on him and all local candidates. It won’t be for awhile, but I will post the story on Baker when it’s done.

  8. Deborah,
    Do you have something against Councillor Bussin specifically or just “Miller and his crew”?
    You say it’s time for change. Who would you like to see elected?

  9. Deborah McIntosh

    Why is this person running again. Has our city not had enough mismanagment. Since Miller and his crew have been running city hall we have had a stagnant economy a bloated budget and massive debt. It is time for change.

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