Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

Future mayor listens to Toronto

How next mayor can relate to Torontonians
Sharing a meal, public forums, citizen debates
By Kris Scheuer

I was watching the new Kids in the Hall comedy show premiere tonight and it gave me ideas of how Toronto’s next mayor can best relate to and get input from the public.
Give me a second to explain my ideas here.
One of the main characters on the new show is Mayor Larry Bowman of Shuckton played by comedian/actor Bruce McCulloch. He plays a sleazy mayor so I am not suggesting Toronto elect this character in the 2010 race. But he did something that at first seemed like a good idea.
He walks into the local diner and says, “who’s it gonna be?” I assumed mayor Bowman was going to pick one local Shuckton resident to share a meal with. It didn’t turn out that way, but it got me thinking of ways the next mayor could engage the public. Continue reading


Shelley Carroll opts out of mayor’s race

North York councillor was contemplating mayoral run
Carroll registered today for re-election in her council seat
By Kris Scheuer

Toronto budget chief Shelley Carroll has made her decision.
After months of considering running for the city’s top political post, the Don Valley ¬†East councillor registered this morning not as a mayoral candidate but for re-election in her ward 33.
To read the story I and my Town Crier colleague Karolyn Coorsh wrote about Shelley Carroll weighing her political options, click here.
Meanwhile as of mid-day Jan. 12, sixteen people have registered for the mayor’s seat.