Toronto school trustee election candidates

Who is running for Catholic and public school boards
City election attracting both new blood and veterans
By Kris Scheuer
(Updated Oct.25)


Etobicoke-Lakeshore Trustee Bruce Davis is not seeking re-election opting to run mayoral candidate George Smitherman's campaign instead.



Here’s the lowdown on who’s running for the 22-seat TDSB.
Etobicoke North Ward 1. Current trustee John Hastings has registered, so have candidates Andrew Bacchus, Paul Singh and Saadiq Malik.
Etobicoke Centre Ward 2.  Current trustee and former TDSB chair John Campbell is not running here but for council instead. Eight candidates are registered: Wayne Chen, Maya Worsoff, Ron Jaicarran, Chris Glover, John Kapralos, Husein Kirefu, Stephen Thiele and Kaydee Richmond.
Etobicoke Lakeshore Ward 3. Current trustee and TDSB chair Bruce Davis was signed up but withdrew July 2. Five candidates are running: Peter Debrone, Pamela Gough, Margaret McBeath, Andy Kyriakos and Richard Carter.

York West Ward 4. Trustee Stephnie Payne has registered, so have Michael Sullivan and Ram Maharaj.
York Centre Ward 5 Trustee James Pasternak is not running for re-election here, but has registered as a council candidate in York Centre’s city ward 10. Six candidates are running: Antonella D’Amico, Howard Kaplan, Neil Flagg, David Horowitz, Robin Shugar and Fenton Jagdeo.
York South-Weston Ward 6. Trustee Chris Tonks has signed up and so has Adam Howell.
Parkdale-High Park Ward 7. Veteran Trustee Irene Atkinson has registered and so have Adam Eizinas and George Jackowski.
Eglinton-Lawrence  Ward 8. Trustee Howard Goodman – has registered and so have Yu Xiao and John Vassal.
Davenport Ward 9. Trustee Maria Rodrigues has registered and on Sept 10, four competitors signed up: John Costa, Helder Gomes, Anil Gupta and Andrew Waters.
Trinity-Spadina Ward 10. Trustee Chris Bolton has signed up and so has Michael Sims.


Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler is a candidate for St. Paul's trustee.


St. Paul’s Ward 11, current trustee Josh Matlow is running for city council. With no incumbent, this seat is up for grabs. Five candidates are signed up:  Anthony Martin, Mike Wiener, Mark Tishman and Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler and former trustee Shelley Laskin.
In November, I wrote about Shelley Laskin, Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, Jim Walker and Heather Johnston who were all contemplating running for this trustee seat.
Willowdale Ward 12. Trustee Mari Rutka has registered so have Alexander Brown and Jason Ying.
Don Valley East Ward 13. Trustee Gerri Gershon is running. So is Muhammad Shahid.
Toronto Centre-Rosedale Ward 14 Trustee Sheila Ward is running. Christopher Moise, Dustin Hiles, Judith Gibbs and Murphy Browne are candidates here as well.
Toronto Danforth Ward 15 Cathy Dandy has signed up and Nadeem Jilani is also a candidate here.
Beaches-East York Ward 16. Trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher has signed up and so have Alan Burke and Matthew Kennedy.
Don Valley East Ward 17. Trustee Michael Coteau has signed and so have Sam Ghose and Sean-Michael Harrison.
Scarborough Southwest Ward 18. Trustee Gary Crawford was signed up but withdrew June 29 and is now running for city council instead. Joyanta Banik, Parthi Kandavel, Monique Lisi and Elizabeth Moyer are trustee candidates here.
Scarborough Centre Ward 19. Trustee Scott Harrison has registered, so have Malia Amato, David Smith and Sanjay Moorjani.
Scarborough-Agincourt Ward 20. Trustee Soo Wong is running and so are Sam Sotiropoulos and Roy Wignarajah.
Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 21. Trustee Shaun Chen has registered and so have Horace Dockery, Deepan Vigneswaran, Robert McGuigan, Hau Lee and Nathan Kathirkamanathan.
Scarborough East Ward 22. Trustee Nadia Bello is not registered, but seven others have: Ashwin Balamohan, Jerry Chadwick, Dionne Coley, Edward Gilmour, William MacDougall, Patrick Rutledge and Sonny Yeung.

Trustee Joseph Martino in Etobicoke Ward 1 has registered here and so have Peter Jakovcic, Glenn Vaughan and Steve Torchia.
Trustee Ann Andrachuck in Etobicoke Ward 2 is running and so are four others: Vincent Corriero, Adam Gmak, Igor Klufas and Monica Lazzara.
In North York Ward 3,  incumbent Trustee Sal Piccininni is running for re-election and Matteo Figliano and Jose Perez are as well.
Trustee Mary Cicogna in North York Ward 4 is not a candidate but eight others are running: Mary Barone, Patrizia Bottoni, Rino Cipolletta, John Gordon, Raffaela Iozzo, Diego Lupallier, Tom Rakocevic and Sandra Romano Anthony.
Trustee Maria Rizzo in North York Ward 5 is running again and she has eight challengers: Rosina Bonavota, Robert Corcoran, Angela Deocampo, Mycheal Greco, Chris McDonald, Paul Oulahen, Ann Paton and Barrington Reid.
The local trustee Rob Davis is not running for re-election in York Ward 6 because he’s running for city council instead. Five people are seeking this seat: Marlene Ciarrocchi, Frank D’Amico, Christina Lepone, Rina Maida and Jon Olinksi.
Scarborough/North York Trustee for Ward 7 John Del Grande is a candidate and so is Michael Issa.
Incumbent trustee Mary Ann Robillard hasn’t registered in Scarborough Ward 8, but seven others are running: Benedict D’Aguiar, Tom De Luca, Paul Del Grande, Tobias Enverga, Leo Ng, Theresa Pastore and Carol Williams.
Trustee Catherine LeBlanc-Miller in Toronto Ward 9 is running for re-election and Jo-Ann Davis is also a candidate here.
Trustee Barbara Poplawski in Toronto Ward 10 is running and so are four challengers: Andre Bastian, Julia D’Andrade, Mark Lubinski and Anthony Moscato.
Trustee Angela Kennedy in East York/Toronto Ward 11 is seeking re-election and has three challengers: Kevin Morrison, Ryan Ward and Brad McCabe.
Trustee Paul Crawford isn’t running yet in Scarborough Ward 12 but five candidates are registered here: Nancy Crawford (any relation to Paul?), Andre Chow-Leong, Derek Rosario, Joe Trentadue and Brendan Hancharek .


7 responses to “Toronto school trustee election candidates

  1. Hi. I’m a candidate for Ward 9 (TDSB). My website is
    Thanks! John

  2. Hello there!
    I just wanted to let you know that my website is as I noticed that you have not posted a direct link to my name.
    Thank you!

  3. Stephanie Hodnett

    Here is the website for Michael Sims (Ward 10):

  4. Soo Wong is seeking Re-election in Ward 20, Agincourt.

  5. Cathy Dandy is running again.

    • You say Toronto Danforth Trustee Dandy’s running again and I have no reason to doubt she’ll seek re-election. But so far she has not filed her nominations papers as a candidate.

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