Toronto election 2010

Who’s running for mayor and council
Hot races to watch for city election
By Kris Scheuer
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The Toronto election is a hot one and it’s only day two of the campaign. I will be updating the who’s who of candidates throughout the 10-month race. You can check for yourself on the city’s election site.
Candidates started registering Jan. 4 and already some fascinating decisions are being made.
Race for mayor
As of Jan. 12 sixteen mayoral candidates have registered including councillor Giorgio Mammoliti and Liberal strategist Rocco Rossi. The eight others so far are: Rocco Achampong, Douglas Campbell, Stephen Feek, Monowar Hossain, John Letonja, Colin Magee, Baquie Ghazi, Mark State and Sarah Thomson.
Ange Maniccia was registered on day one, but withdrew. Incumbents back for more
Not a  lot has changed since yesterday. As of today, 14 of the current 44 councillors have signed up to be on the ballot.
Starting with in the east, most of the Scarborough councillors are on board: Paul Ainslie (Ward 43), Glenn De Baeremaeker
(Ward 38), Mike Del Grande (Ward 39), Adrian Heaps (Ward 35) and Norm Kelly (Ward 40). And thus far, none of them have challengers.
In North York, no one has registered.
I consider veteran politician Howard Moscoe (Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 15) to be a North Toronto councillor and he has registered. And he has one challenger so far Catholic school trustee Rob Davis.
Don Valley West Councillor John Parker (Ward 26) has registered.
And so has Councillor Joe Mihevc in St. Paul’s West (Ward 21) and Cesar Palacio (Ward 17).
In the Beaches and East York territory, councillors Paula Fletcher (Ward 30) and Janet Davis (Ward 31) have thrown their hats in again.
In the westend, councillors Bill Saundercook (Ward 13) and Gord Perks (Ward 14) have registered.
In Etobicoke, Suzan Hall (Ward 2) has made it official she wants back in city hall.


6 responses to “Toronto election 2010

  1. Shelley Carroll was openly talking to me and other reporters about a run for mayor. Today, she registered instead for re-election for her Don Valley East council seat.

  2. Kelly, can you let us know more about who Goldhalk viewers want to see run for mayor?

  3. Who would you like to see run for Mayor of Toronto?
    Tune into Rogers TV’s Goldhawk LIVE tonight at 7 PM as we discuss who you would like to see run for Mayor.
    Award-winning broadcaster and host, Dale Goldhawk will lead the discussion with guest experts and take your calls and questions.
    Viewers are encouraged to call 416-446-7090 or email to express their opinions.
    Tune into Rogers TV Cable 10/63 tonight and tell us who you would like to see run for Mayor of Toronto.

    • Hi Kelly,
      sorry I missed tonight’s show on who should run for mayor. I love Goldhalk Live but since it moved to the early time, I am not home early enough to see it.

  4. I am surprised Ford has not registered.

    • Really, how come you are surprised about Ford? He doesn’t need to register this early. A lot of incumbents wait. But he has one challenger who has registered in his ward already – Cadigia Ali.

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