Toronto councillors 2010 election

The election campaign already heating up
Who is retiring, running, playing coy in TO election
By Kris Scheuer
(Updated Oct.25- Election Day.)


Councillor Joe Mihevc

Joe Mihevc is one of the incumbent councillors seeking re-election.


One thing is certain in life – that’s change. And we can count on that in this city’s election. The vote is Oct. 25.
Of the 44 incumbent city councillors so far 35 current Toronto politicians have signed up for re-election in their own ward. Of the remaining 9 incumbents: 2 are running for mayor instead and 7 aren’t running at all. Want to see for yourself?
Check the city’s election website that shows all 477 candidates running for mayor, councillor and school trustee positions.
Here’s the scope on where all the candidates stand as of Sept. 10 the final nomination day.
Mayor David Miller is not running for re-election. There are 40 candidates registered to run for mayor.
Council races – there are 279 candidates running for 44 council seats
Ron Moeser (Scarborough East Ward 44) has registered and so have three others: Diana Hall, Heath Thomas and Mohammed Mirza.
Paul Ainslie (Scarborough East Ward 43) is running again and has four challengers: John Laforet, Benjamin Mbaegbu, Bhaskar Sharma and Samuel Getachew.

Raymond Cho (Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 42) has registered so have eight other candidates: Namu Ponnambalam, Shamoon Poonawala, Neethan Shan, Venthan Ramanathavavuniyan, Leon Saul, George Singh, Mohammed Ather and Ruth Tecle.
Chin Lee (Scarborough-Rouge River Ward 41) has signed up and so have Danny Chien and Patricia Sinclair.
Norm Kelly (Scarborough Angincourt Ward 40) is running and so are three other candidates: Bryan Heal, Ken Sy and Chih-Cheng Tsai.
Mike Del Grande (Scarborough Angincourt Ward 39) is running and so are Caldwell Williams and Kevin Xu.
Glenn De Baeremaeker (Scarborough Centre Ward 38) yes he’s running and so are four other candidates: Sandip Vora, Kirk Jensen, Tushar Shah and Glenn Middleton.
Michael Thompson (Scarborough Centre Ward 37) is registered and so are candidates Segio Otoya, Isabelle Champagne and Fawzi Bidawi.

Brian Ashton (Scarborough Southwest Ward 36) signed up Jan 21 but June 29 withdrew. Ten people are seeking this seat: Vicki BreenSean Gladney, Robert Spencer, Marvin Macaraig, Robert McDermott, Tony Ashdown, Diane Hogan, Roman Danilov, Eddy Gasparotto and local school trustee Gary Crawford are all running.
Adrian Heaps (Scarborough Southwest Ward 35) is running. Nine challengers have signed up: Malik Ahmad, Victoria Doyle, Ed Green, Jason Woychesko, Jay Burnett, Peter Tijiri, John Lewis, John Morawietz and Michelle Berardinetti, who registered for a rematch as she ran a close second in ’06.
Denzil Minnan-Wong (Don Valley East Ward 34) is running so are  Stephan Stewart and Peter Youngren.
Shelley Carroll (Don Valley East Ward 33) was considering running for mayor but registered for re-election in this ward. David Raines, Mike Ihnat and Fil Giannakopoulos are also running.
Sandra Bussin (Beaches-East York Ward 32) is running. Plus there are eight challengers here: Martin Gladstone and Neil Sinclair have dropped out (they will still be on the ballot) to throw their support behind candidate Mary-Margaret McMahon, who they think has the best chance to beat incumbent Bussin. Bruce Baker has also dropped out and sent out a press release stating he was also supporting McMahon. Plus Kieron Pope (no longer actively campaigning according to one report), Keith Begley,and Albert Castells and Brad Feraday are running.
Janet Davis (Beaches-East York Ward 31) has registered and so have six others: Donna Braniff, Brenda MacDonald, Robert Walker, Peter Agaliotis, Leonard Subotich and Rasal Rahman.
Paula Fletcher (Toronto Danforth Ward 30) is on board and so are seven challengers: Andreas Bogojevic, Gary Walsh, Andrew James, Angie Tingas, Liz West, Mihaly Varga and Mark Dewdney.
Case Ootes (Toronto Danforth Ward 29) won’t be running. Chris Caldwell, Mike Restivo, John Richardson, Jennifer Wood, Mary Fragedakis and former councillor Jane Pitfield have all registered.
Pam McConnell (Toronto Centre-Rosedale Ward 28) has registered and so have five other candidates: Eric Brazau, Howard Bortenstein, Raj Rama, Dennis Hollingsworth and Daniel Murton.
Kyle Rae (Toronto Centre-Rosedale Ward 27) announced in mid-Dec he’s not running. There are 15 candidates: Enza Anderson, Ben Bergen, Gary Leroux, Ken ChanSusan Gapka, Jonas Jemstone, Perry Missal, Robert Meynell, Ram Narula, Paul Spence, Simon Wookey, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ella RebanksJoel Dick and Chris Tindal.
John Parker (Don Valley West Ward 26) has registered. Mohamed Dhanani, who came second in ’06 election registered Feb. 26. And Jon Burnside, Shaukat Malik, Tanvir Ahmed, Yunus Pandor, Salim Nawab Khan.
Cliff Jenkins (Don Valley West Ward 25) is running. Jaye Robinson, who came within 80 votes of winning in the 2003 election, has registered for a rematch. Joanne Dickins and Tanya Hostler are also running.
David Shiner (Willowdale Ward 24) filed his nomination papers Sept 7 (Sept 10 was the cut-off) to seek re-election. In the last two elections he waited until less than two months before election day to register. Sonny Cho, Bob Nahiddi and Eugene Loo are running.
John Filion (Willowdale Ward 23) is running. John Whyte, Charles Sutherland, Dusan Kralik and Peter Clarke are registered.

Michael Walker (St. Paul’s Ward 22). He has told me numerous times he may retire and on March 11 he officially announced he won’t seek re-election after 28 years in politics. After Walker’s announcement he endorsed his exec assistant Chris Sellors who has registered as a candidate. School trustee Josh Matlow registered in early January. William Molls is running here as well. And Elizabeth Cook signed up on Sept. 10.
Joe Mihevc (St. Paul’s Ward 21) is running. Peter Nolan, Marius FrederickShimmy Posen, Beth McLellan and Alex Freedman are candidates.
Adam Vaughan (Trinity-Spadina Ward  20) is running. So are 4 others: Dean Maher, Ken Osadchuck and Roman Polochansky.
Joe Pantalone (Trinity-Spadina Ward 19). The deputy mayor registered as a mayoral candidate Jan. 13. Nine people are vying for this seat Karen SunJim LikourezosSean McCormick, Karlene Nation, Rosario Bruto, David Footman, George Sawision, Jason Stevens and Mike Layton.
Adam Giambrone (Davenport Ward 18) registered Feb. 1 as a mayoral candidate but announced a hasty exit Feb. 10 and officially withdrew March 10. He is not running for re-election in Ward 18 either. Twelve candidates are running: Coun. Giambrone’s Executive Assistant Kevin Beaulieu, Doug Carroll, Nha Le, Joe MacDonald, Mohammad Muhit, Kirk Russell, Joanna Teliatnik, Hema Vyas, Ana Bailao, Ken Wood, Abdirazak Elmi and former Green Party of Ontario leader Frank de Jong.
Cesar Palacio (Davenport Ward 17) filed his papers on Jan. 4. Plus six challengers: Tony Letra, Anil Gupta. Jonah Schein Brian Bragason, Maria Marques, Kar Rasaiah and Ben Stirpe are running here as well.
Karen Stinz (Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 16) was considering running formayor, but registered her council seat instead. Michael Coll, Terry Mills and Roy Macdonald have also registered.
Howard Moscoe (Eglinton-Lawrence Ward 15) surprised me by registering on the first day. He announced Aug. 31 he’d withdraw on  Sept. 1, which he did. This opens the race up with seven candidates: Josh Colle, son of MPP Mike Colle registered here. Catholic school trustee Rob Davis is running and so is Ron Singer, who ran here in 2006 and ’03. William Reitsma, Tony Evangelista, Eva Tavares and Giuseppe Pede are also local candidates.
Gord Perks (Parkdale-High Park Ward 14) has registered. There are 9 challengers: Michael Erickson, Ryan Hobson, Barry Hubick, Jules-Jose Kerlinger, Gus Koutoumanos, Cullen SimpsonJimmy Talpa, Istvan Tar and Bill Vrebosch.
Bill Saundercook (Parkdale-High Park Ward 13) has registered so have candidates Sarah Doucette, Nick Pavlov, Jackelyn Van Altenberg and Redmond Weissenberger.
Frank Di Giorgio (York-South Weston Ward 12) has signed up. So have six other candidates: Richard Gosling, Angelo Bellavia, Nick Dominelli, Vilma Filici, Joe Renda and Steve Tasses have signed up.
Frances  Nunziata (York-South Weston Ward 11) has registered. Abdi Hashised, Leo Marshall and Fulvio Sansone are running as well.
Mike Feldman (York Centre Ward 10) announced he’s RETIRING and won’t seek re-election. Twelve candidates are running: Feldman’s assistant Nancy Oormen signed up Aug. 4. Drago Banovic, Joseph Cohen, Robert Freedland, Jarred Friedman, Magda Gondor Berkovits, Eric Plant, Edward ZaretksyBrian Shifman, Konstantin Toubis, journalist Igor Toutchinski,  and current York Centre school board trustee James Pasternak are all council candidates here.
Maria Augimeri (York Centre Ward 9) has registered. Gus Cusimano, Gianfranco Amendola, Wilson Basantes and Stefano Picone are candidates.
Anthony Perruzza (York Centre Ward Eight) has registered. Peter Li Preti was the councillor but lost by 579 votes to Perruzza in ’06. Now former councillor Li Preti has signed up for a rematch. John Gallagher, Naseeb Husain, Antonius Clarke, Gerardo Miniguano, Arthur Smitherman (George Smitherman’s brother) and Ramnarine Tiwari are also running here.
Giorgio Mammoliti (York West Ward 7) was running for mayor but on July 9 officially withdrew and registered instead for re-election in his ward. Eight other candidates have all registered: Stefano Tesoro, Victor Lucero, Christopher MacDonald, Larry Perlman, Sharon Joseph, Sergio Gizzo, Nick Di Nizio and Scott Aitchison.
Mark Grimes (Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 6)  is running. Jem CainMichael Laxer and David Searle, Cecilia Luu are candidates. As well, Pastor Wendell Brereton who was running for mayor signed up here instead on Aug 4.
Peter Milczyn
(Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 5) has signed up, so have candidates John Chiappetta, Justin Di Ciano, Morley Kells and Rob Therrien.
Gloria Lindsay Luby (Etobicoke Centre Ward 4) is running. So have candidates John Campbell and Daniel Bertolini.
Doug Holyday (Etobicoke Centre Ward 3) signed up June 30. Peter Kudryk, Ross Vaughan and Rogers Deschenes are registered candidates.
Rob Ford (Etobicoke North Ward 2) registered for mayor March 25. His brother Doug Ford registered Aug 9. But he’s far from the only one as
Cadigia Ali, Rajinder Lall, Jason Pedlar, Luciano Rizzuti and Andrew Saikaley are all running.
Suzan Hall (Etobicoke North Ward 1) is on board again here. Vincent Crisanti, Omar Farouk, Ted Berger, Peter D’Gama and Sharad Sharma are candidates.


22 responses to “Toronto councillors 2010 election

  1. I am a candidate running in ward 31 against incumbent Janet Davis. My web site is : Please vote in this coming election for positive change and progress. Sincerely, Brenda

  2. Thank you so much for adding the link!

  3. Hi,
    My name is Angie Tingas and I am running for city council ward 30, please feel free to link to my campaign blog when referring to me at
    If you would like to talk and understand why I am running, or how I am the only person who actually lives in my ward running for such a talked about seat, please message me— I would love to talk further.
    Cheers, Angie Tingas

  4. Kris,
    Just thought I would send you an email about a candidate here in ward 36.
    Last Saturday, I went to a BBQ hosted by Robert McDermott, a candidate for councillor in the area and had a super time. I met a friend I haven’t seen for years who is working on McDermott’s campaign. We talked about old times and I met some of the other campaign workers. I had such a good time that I am now working as a volunteer on Robert McDermott’s election campaign.
    I didn’t know election campiagns could be so much fun!

  5. I got an email from Ward 27 candidate Chris Tindal today saying “former candidate” Evan Dean is supporting him. Dean’s website confirms he is ending his campaign and endorsing Tindal, but as of end of day, Aug 27, Evan Dean is still registered.

  6. Pastor Wendell Brereton was running for mayor but withdrew today to support Rob Ford. Brereton’s most controversial stance so far is his clear opposition to same sex marriage.
    If you read this online interview (see the last two Q&A) you get a sense of his stance.

  7. I live in the Scarborough Bluffs area and there is one candidate, Robert McDermott, running for councilor in my ward that really impresses me. This guy is very knowledgeable about most of the issues facing Toronto residents and local issues in our ward.
    His campaign includes private garbage collection, an automated TTC fare system, abolishing the Personal Vehicle Tax and eliminating plastic bags. He feels the biggest issue facing Torontonians is – Money, balancing the books at city hall, and I totally agree.
    We need fiscally resposible representativess on city council who will spend taxpayers money wisely. Robert McDermott is going to get my vote on election day.

    • Wayne, I so appreciate your comment. While I have visited the Bluffs, I don’t live there and the Town Crier where I work has no Scarborough editions. So we aren’t covering ward races in your area and so I thank you for your insight on the local race. What other issues are facing your community? I assume you are not working on Robert McDermott’s campaign?

  8. Not to be self-promoting, but I really think the most interesting race is going to be Ward 19. Lot’s of angles and tought battles to be won over such a small turf.
    Those will little name recognition have deep roots within the community, those without will have to really work on their name.

    • Josh,
      I agree ward 19 is an interesting race and if you read my post about Toronto election interesting races to watch, I mention this local race. I also live in ward 19 and need to make my own informed decision as a voter. Unfortunately, the Town Crier where I work is not covering this race (we axed our downtown paper years ago) so I can’t interview candidates for the paper. But I may find a way to interview candidates professionally for another media outlet…

  9. Thanks for the question.
    The homeless shelter at Peter and Richmond is a ward specific example of Adam Vaughan’s waste. Over $11 million dollars has been spent. He chose a location in the entertainment district in a tourist area against the wishes of businesses and residents. Under Vaughan’s leadership, as part of his war against the nightclubs, the city paid double it’s value to purchase the building and construction costs sky rocketed without his intervention.
    If you look at his voting record over the last four years there are several examples of what many people feel is a lack of care for the taxpayer’s money:
    Apr-07 Vote to eliminate free parking anywhere in Toronto for members of Council for savings of $10,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-07 Vote to eliminate free Zoo admission and parking for members of Council for savings of $5,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-07 Vote to eliminate free TTC passes for members of Council for savings of $54,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-07 Vote to eliminate free admission and parking to the exhibition for Councillors for savings of $5,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-07 Vote against increasing the Mayor’s office budget by $561,000.00 from $1,886,000.00 to $2,447,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-07 Vote to eliminate watering plants in Councillors offices for savings of $77,000.00 – Vaughan voted no
    Apr-08 Do you support spending $400,000 to hire 4 staff to implement the car registration tax – Vaughan voted yes
    Jul-08 Do you support tearing down a portion of the Gardiner Expressway at a cost of $360 million. – Vaughan voted yes
    Feb-09 Do not pay 8 people $190,000 in salaries to sit on a board; each person will be paid on average $24,000/year to attend 8 two hour meetings. – Vaughan voted no
    May-09 Do you agree with spending $6 million to remove one lane on Jarvis St. and replacing it with bike lanes – Vaughan voted yes
    Jan-10 Do you agree that 1,254 City employees should be able to spend $9 million in 2009 with Tax Payer-funded Master Cards when the City does not have a list of cardholders nor review the purchases – Vaughan voted yes
    These are just a few examples. I thank Rob Ford for bringing many of these items to our attention.

  10. In Ward 20 there Mike Yen is definitely the underdog. Just compare his website to Vaughan’s ( and you can immediately tell there is no comparison

    • Joshua, fair enough but most candidates running against an incumbent are the underdog. In terms of websites, some of that comes down to cash and realistically Vaughan has more fundraising pull than Mike Yen. But one thing that would help any candidate is developing a platform on issues.

    • Thanks for the underdog comment. It keeps me motivated. I just registered a month ago and I will have my website ready soon. You’re just looking at a holding page for now. Adam Vaughan has the advantage of using his office budget for his website. $5400 for paid by us the battered Torontonian taxpayer. The comparison we should be looking at is Adam Vaughan and his horrible record over the last 4 years. I don’t think there is another councilor who has wasted as much of our money as Vaughan.

      • Mike,
        as a candidate running against Adam Vaughan, it’s not surprising you night criticise his record. But rather than just a blanket statement can you elaborate on what you mean by he’s wasted money? On what specifically has he used money or voted for the city to use taxpayers’ money that you don’t agree with?

  11. Thanks for this post. We don’t get enough coverage of local candidates and certainly never the full line-up. I have added many of the candidates to their respective ward offices on the public community wiki, The list can be found at

    Thanks again for your work and I will be adding links to your posts on the respective profiles.

  12. Beatriz Perez-Sanchez

    I am interested in knowing more about the other candidates who are running against Janet Davis in Ward 31 where I live. I would like to know their stands on all the major issues facing the voters in this election.

    • Beatriz,
      I have only interviewed Robert Walker in ward 31, so far. I will post more as soon as I have a chance to interview the rest. Let me know if you hear anything about the ward 31 candidates as I am sure other local residents are also curious about where they stand on local and city issues.

  13. Pingback: Toronto council turnover 2010 « Kris Scheuer

  14. Interviewed Ward 30 candidate Mark Dewdney yesterday for a the Town Crier. As soon as it is edited and printed, I will post the story on my blog.

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