Kyle Rae won’t seek re-election

Veteran councillor calls it quits in 2010
His seat will be wide open for next year’s election
By Kris Scheuer

Councillor Kyle Rae

Councillor Kyle Rae is bowing out in 2010. The veteran politician was first elected in 1991.

I interviewed Kyle Rae Dec. 14 and he is definitely not running next year.
He told me there’s two main reasons for his decision: lack of financial leadership from the province and federal government in working with the city and the lack of vision of some of his colleagues on council.
He seems to fondly enjoy his work in public service, so I think he may continue do some public service in some form.
He’s yet to decide what to do next.
By this time next year, there will be a new councillor in Toronto-Centre Rosedale Ward 27.
There are a few names floating about.Today I interviewed his old assistant Chris Phibbs, who is now in Mayor David Miller’s office, and she is not running for in Rae’s ward.
Lawyer El-Farouk Khaki, who ran federally for the NDP in Toronto-Centre, told me today he’s considering running for this council seat next year.
Enza Anderson (who has dropped the “Supermodel” tag) has confirmed she is running and I interviewed her as well.
I will be reporting on my interview with Rae, click here for the full story I wrote for the Town Crier. Plus here is my article on a few candidates looking to run for this seat.
So what will Rae’s legacy be? And who would you like to see run to fill his shoes?


2 responses to “Kyle Rae won’t seek re-election

  1. Interviewing Enza “The Supermodel” Anderson on Wed Dec. 16. She will be running in riding held by Kyle Rae now — Toronto Centre-Rosedale.

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