Toronto’s next mayor will be…

Here’s a prelim list of people who are rumoured for the job
Mayor David Miller won’t run in 2010, so who will?
By Kris Scheuer
(See Dec. 16 update)

Everyone wants to be Toronto’s next mayor. A week ago day, Mayor David Miller announced he will not run again in next year’s election.
Since then it seems half of council and a handful of outside candidates have mused about running.
As a city hall reporter, here the unofficial list (no one can register until Jan.4) of who I have heard may run or people who have already indicated their interest:
Current councillors Shelley Carroll, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Adam Vaughan, Rob Ford, Doug Holyday, Giorgio Mammoliti, Karen Stintz, Adam Giambrone.
Other candidates not at city hall now include former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray, Toronto-Centre MPP George Smitherman, former Ontario PC leader John Tory, Trinity-Spadina MP Olivia Chow, former city councillor Jane Pitfield. And of course other everyday citizens will run who don’t have a high profile.  In the 2006 election, there were 38 mayoralty candidates but all but almost 90 percent of the vote was split between David Miller (56.96%) and Jane Pitfield (32.32%) and the rest got under 2 percent of the vote each.
The election is 14 months away, but journalists and political junkies like me are working on finding out who is serious about running for the city’s top post.
I should have something more to report soon.
Who would you like to see as Toronto’s next mayor?


5 responses to “Toronto’s next mayor will be…

  1. Today councillor Karen Stintz announced she won’t be running for mayor of Toronto in 2010 afterall. See a short article by a Town Crier colleague, posted online.

  2. Hi Kris you forgot my name John Letonja I am going to run for mayor in Toronto. as a business to make new money not from tax payers pockets so Toronto can pay for it self and still handle Toronto communities affairs.

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