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David Miller’s vision for Toronto

Before David Miller became mayor, he spelled out his view for the city
My interview with him in 2002 before he became mayor
A look back now that Miller’s announced he won’t run again
By Kris Scheuer
(Originally written for Town Crier Nov. 7/2002)

“I think the city faces a great future, but only if we have great leadership and I don’t think we do now,” Parkdale High-Park councillor David Miller told a small crowd, who had gathered to hear him speak at a Rosedale gallery. 
Miller, who wants to be the city’s next mayor, spoke and answered questions on Nov. 6 at D&E Lake Limited on Yonge St. north of Summerhill subway station.
“I have no idea who else is running. I’m the only one who has announced candidacy publicly. I think Mel Lastman wants to run again. It’s possible he will run again. If he doesn’t, there could be four or five candidates come forth,” he said.
“I do know that City Hall has a lot of problems now,” he said referring, in part, to the MFP computer leasing scandal, which is being investigated by police and through a public inquiry. 
“I’m worried about where the city is going,” Miller said in an interview. Continue reading