Mayor Miller’s family ties

David Miller cited his family as reason he’s not running again
I have seen his focus on son, daughter, wife even when media cameras aren’t on
By Kris Scheuer

I was at the press conference yesterday when Mayor Miller announced he would not seek a third term in the 2010 city election.
I have covered city hall since 2001 at time he was a Parkdale-High Park councillor. And one of my vivid memories is as a Town Crier reporter covering his election win in 2003 as mayor. The atmosphere was like a rock concert, but the lead of my story at the time was that on the biggest night of his political life he remembered and was focused on his family: wife Jill Arthur and especially son Simon and daughter Julia.
To read that 2003 election win article, click here to read what I mean.
There’s also a terrific article in The Globe & Mail today by veteran reporter Jennifer Lewington where she has an exclusive sit down with the mayor hours after his announcement.


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