St. Paul’s byelection today Sept. 17

A heated battle comes to conclusion tonight
It’s decision day in the riding, for results check back at midnight
By Kris Scheuer

Today is election day in the Toronto riding of St. Paul’s.
Myself and fellow journalist Brian Baker will be reporting on the results tonight and post our article online at the Town Crier’s site and I will have it on my site.
Most likely the winning candidate is not expected to speak to supporters and the media until around 10:30, we should start writing our story after 11 pm and I hope to have it posted by midnight. If you live in this district, go out and vote. Polls are open from 9 am to 9 pm and your employer is legally bound to allow you enough time to get to the polls before they close.
Here is a map of the boundaries of St. Paul’s.
Call 1-866-566-0877 to find out the closes polling station.
You have to be at least 18, a Canadian citizen and live in the riding.
Remember to bring ID that shows proof of residency.
I thought you could also vote if you owned a property in the riding, but I do not see this criteria listed at the Elections Ontario website.
The ten St. Paul’s candidates vying for your vote:
Sue-Ann Levy for the Progressive Conservatives.
Liberal Eric Hoskins.
Chris Chopik with the Greens.
NDPer Julian Heller.
Danish Ahmed with Party for People with Special Needs.
Independent Marius Frederick.
John Kittredge with Ontario Liberatarian Party.
Freedom Party of Ontario’s Paul McKeever.
Raj Rama an independent.
Independent John Turmel.


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