Beach water testing resumes post strike

Toronto’s 11 designated swimming beaches get daily tests again

By Kris Scheuer
The long weekend has begun and so has monitoring beach water for E.coli levels.
The water department tests daily and posts results the following day on the city’s site.
Starting August 1, you can check which beach Toronto Public Health recommends as safe for swimming.Beaches the city considers unsafe due to higher levels of bacteria in the water are still open, but will be swim at your own risk. Lifeguards are posted at all eleven beaches for safety.
Post a comment or email me at kscheuer telling me which beach you swim at. And if you don’t swim at any of them, what stops you from wading in?
Here are the swimming conditions for August 1.

Unsafe to SwimUnsafe to swim Safe to SwimSafe to swim

Don not swim 1. Marie Curtis Park East Beach Swim 7. Cherry Beach
Don not swim 2. Sunnyside Beach Swim 8. Woodbine Beaches
Swim 3. Hanlan’s Point Beach Swim 9. Kew – Balmy Beach
Swim 4. Gibraltar Point Beach Swim 10. Bluffer’s Park Beach
Swim 5. Centre Island Beach Don not swim 11. Rouge Beach
Swim 6. Ward’s Island Beach


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