CUPE local 416 votes yes for contract

Garbage collectors vote for new deal, back to work at 12:01 July 31
By Kris Scheuer
Good news Toronto. It’s official, CUPE local 416 members ratify new contract offer from the city.
It’s July 30 at 11:36 p.m. and I just read the confirmation from the source, the union’s website.
“Ratified Collective Agreement. Local 416 outside members have ratified the collective agreement. All members should return to the regular shift as of 12:01 am Friday July 31/09.”
Union members returning to work after the strike of midnight are going to start emptying trash cans on the streets and picking up litter. You should see a difference by the time you wake up Friday morning. And beginning next Tuesday, garbage will picked up from homes and small business customers on regular collection days. CUPE local 79 voted for their deal, four separate contracts, yesterday and will also return to their jobs tonight after midnight.
So is the strike over? City council still has to ratify all the contracts for the 30,000 employees that went on strike on June 22.
The 45-member council will vote July 31 starting at 9:30 a.m. No doubt it will be a heated debate, but there are two reasons why
it will pass in the end.
1. The unofficial ‘opposition’ to Mayor David Miller is made up of eleven councillors who call themselves the Responsible Government Group and they held a press today, which I attended, saying they will also vote against the union deals. There are a few others on top of the 11 who will also vote against the contract, but not enough to make up the 23 naysayers needed to kill these contracts.
2. One reason I can not see 23 councillors voting against the union contracts is it will mean the strike continues. Some politicians have suggested if council votes down the deals tomorrow that the unions will go straight back to the bargaining table and stay on the job. Let’s just say it’s highly unlikely that after a six week labour disruption that a no vote by council would translate into anything other than a prolonged strike.


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