CUPE local 79 returns to work

City’s inside workers back on job at 12:01 tonight
Daycare workers, nurses in homes for aged among returning strikers
By Kris Scheuer

City council still has to vote on Friday for this union’s four new contracts.
But no matter, the light at the end of the tunnel is striking workers will be back on the job just after midnight tonight.
“Please report for work at your next regularly scheduled shift or workday as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, July 31,” says a statement on CUPE local 79‘s website tonight.

“Following our ratification of the four collective agreements, and now that Local 416 has also ratified their collective agreement, I am happy to announce that Local 79 members, along with Local 416 members, will be returning to work together,” according to the statement.
CUPE local 416, which includes garbage and litter collectors, will also be back on the job just after the clock strikes twelve tonight. The first thing on the agenda tonight is emptying the trash bins on the street and picking up litter. The city’s 26 temporary dumps will be cleaned up this Sunday and regular garbage pickup will resume on scheduled collection dates beginning Tuesday.


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