Toronto union and city reach deal

Union has a tentative contract with city: CUPE local 416 pres Mark Ferguson
Kris Scheuer
(Story updated today, here.)
Ding dong, the strike may now be dead. It’s a day 36 of a city strike and at 8:30 this morning, I just heard CUPE local 416 pres Mark Ferguson announce live on CBC radio that his union, which includes garbage workers, have the basis for a deal with the municipal government.
“I’m please to say we have a basis for a deal. We still have the final pieces to put together,” Ferguson announced this morning.
When he announced this, there were loud cheers from the strikers in from the Delta Toronto East in Scarborough where negotiations have been taking place around the clock this weekend.
You can read Ferguson’s full comments,here.
He also released a written statement today to  union members saying, “We have the basis of a deal to end the strike and get you back to work.
Now all eyes turn to CUPE local 79, about 18,000 inside city employees including daycare workers, who are attempting to reach a deal today.
As this just happened moments ago, of course there is no formal agreement to take to the union members and they would still need to vote on it. But this is the first time since the strike began when this news has been delivered.
When I get to the Town Crier paper where I work as the city hall bureau chief, myself and my colleagues will interview both sides and provide a more detailed update. I expect that Mayor David Miller will hold a press conference today. Just wanted to let you know the news as soon as possible.


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  1. I updated this story today, as promised. See that story here. You can also read it on the Town Crier‘s website, where I work as a city hall reporter.

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