Ted Reeve Arena open during strike

By Kris Scheuer
Ted Reeve Arena and eight other city arenas are not impacted by the labour disruption.
A New Yorker who is attending a pro wrestling event later this month at this arena, near Main and Gerrard, e-mailed me July 5 to inquire if the facility was still open.
While I missed it the first time I checked, the city’s website clearly states this arena plus George Bell, Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Area, McCormick Playground Arena, Moss Park, North Toronto Memorial, William H. Bolton, Lakeshore Lions and Weston Lions are open.
Each of these facilities are run by a city-appointed management board. So they are not staffed by CUPE union locals 79 and 416, which went on strike June 22.
I also called Ted Reeve Arena and the manager confirmed they are indeed open and no one has cancelled events as of yet because of the city strike.
The city has set up 21 temporary dumps, two are now closed, including one outside the Ted Reeve site. But that doesn’t impact programming at this indoor arena.


3 responses to “Ted Reeve Arena open during strike

  1. Sethlapod, thanks for the comment and plug for your event. You make it sound pretty rowdy and I can imagine spectators and participants alike having a blast. Hope it’s another packed house, whether or not the current city strike means there’s garbage outside the arena.

  2. wrestling fans are, if nothing else, a fervent bunch. still, sometimes they’d rather sit around and wonder aloud about things, instead of getting to the source and finding out the facts.

    thanks for helping set the record straight, because when this same company – Ring of Honor (www.rohwrestling.com) – ran at that building last summer, it was a packed house.

    heck, if you want something that is bound to be an entertaining feature story willed with all sorts of characters – and i’m just talking about the fans here, lol – then you might wanna come down and check it out.

  3. While no one made a comment on this story on my site, sigh, it was the most read story today with almost all the readers coming from a pro wrestling online message board. There is a wrestling tournament happening at the local Ted Reeve Arena later in July and the participants were wondering if the strike was going to stop it from happening. It won’t. See their discussion for yourself at http://rohwrestling.com/messageBoard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=48152&whichpage=2.

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