Strike cancels council meeting

Toronto labour unrest postpones city policy decisions

By Kris Scheuer
Garbage isn’t the only thing piling up during the strike.
Most official city business has come to a halt, including council’s regularly scheduled July 6–7 meeting which was cancelled July 2.
“The typical council meeting often considers over 100 items over a period of day,” stated a press release. “A regular council meeting is normally supported by unionized staff, who provide services to operate the facility.”
Also, non-unionized staff such as senior managers are required to be present to answer questions posed at council, but they are being redeployed to maintain critical services the statement concluded. At least nine committee meetings have also been postponed since the strike began June 22.
“Priority business will be addressed when the strike it over,” city spokesperson Rob Andrusevich told the Town Crier.
There is no word on when the meetings will be held or if they will take place in August, which is usually a hiatus month for the government. 
“We’ll be reviewing things when the strike’s over,” Andrusevich said.
(Originally written July 2/09 and published July 3 at


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