Toronto council on hiatus

City strike means committees and council sessions cancelled

By Kris Scheuer and Jackie Allan

While the city workers’ strike has cancelled council and committee meetings, councillors are going about their business in different manners.
Eglinton-Lawrence rep Karen Stintz has crossed the picket lines to get into her city hall office, but has only been delayed for five minutes while union workers speak to her or hand her a flyer, she said.
Don Valley West councillor John Parker has done the same.
“There’s been a welcoming committee greeting me each time,” Parker said of the picketers. “It’s all quite friendly and cordial.
“I’ve been able to get to my office and answer the phone and e-mails,” he added. “People are meeting with me here and I have met with people during the day elsewhere.”  
When it comes to cancelled government meetings, St. Paul’s councillor Joe Mihevc said it’s not pleasant.
“It’s unfortunate because we want to run the city. It’s unfortunate we have to wait,” he said July 2. “There’s a development approval for apartment buildings and condos (in my ward) that is being neglected.” 
As for other matters Mihevc said he can finish some work by computer from home.
“I’ve got everything here,” he said. “I’m just cleaning up local stuff.”
Parkdale-High Park councillor Bill Saundercook said he’s been busier since not crossing the picket lines at city hall.
“People have to call more than usual,” he said. “The most visible issue is my ward is managing everyone’s garbage and recycling. 
“There was one who had missed the collection last month.”
Want to know which meetings are cancelled? Click here.

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