Get your Michael Jackson fix

Music and videos hard to find in Toronto after MJ’s death
By Kris Scheuer

It’s been less than three days since the death of superstar Michael Jackson.
I have his two most famous CDs Off the Wall and Thriller, but was looking for a DVD so I could watch some of his thrilling music videos and dance moves. Like many born in the ’70s, I grew up on his music and vividly remember sitting in front of the TV anticipating the premier of his Thriller video in 1982.
Right now finding a copy of any of his CDs or DVDs in Toronto stores is, not surprisingly, nearly impossible.
The only place I have seen any in stock is at Sunrise Records on Yonge St. north of Dundas.
Online, Indigo book and music store is showing all of its Toronto locations are sold out of the two DVDs I was looking for: Michael Jackson – Live in Bucharest and Michael Jackson – Number Ones.
HMV music stores are showing some TO locations have the videos in stock, but I have yet to see a copy at the locals I visited. The music chain is advertising these DVDs at $20 for the pair.
I also tried Soundscapes at College and Manning with no luck.
Until they stores stock up again, I was hoping to borrow a copy from one of Toronto’s 99 library branches.I thought I would pass this suggestion along in case others were looking to reminisce with MJ’s videos and music now in the days after his death and didn’t want to wait until stores get their orders in.
Looks like I wasn’t the only one who had this idea.
You can borrow Jackson music for free at the libraries, but the waiting lists are long. If you look at the TPL’s site, t
here’s six copies of Michael Jackson: the One. But on June 28 there were 50 holds for only six copies throughout the city’s library system. Looking for one of 40 copies of the 25th anniversary CD of Thriller? So are 128 others who have holds on a copy of this CD.
Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of MJ videos being played on Much Music and I’ve heard his music playing from car stereos, many store loudspeakers and blasting at Dundas Square (at Yonge and Dundas) where there have been impromptu Jackson dance offs.


2 responses to “Get your Michael Jackson fix

  1. I loved his music, and his videos for the songs were great also. “Smooth Criminal” is a must see.

    • Hi Mike, I agree. I was watching many of his videos on You Tube this morning/last night until 3 am. And one of them was indeed Smooth Criminal. I still don’t know how does that impossible lean. And also I was watching a number of videos of his Moonwalk including some instructional ones on how to do it.

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