Seven school pools saved

Trustee Josh Matlow.Town Crier file photo.
But seven more go down the drain

By Kris Scheuer
Seven pools have been taken off the critical list, while another seven will be drained for good.
The Toronto District School Board voted June 24 to save pools at George S. Henry Academy, Forest Hill, Rosedale Heights SS, Humberside, North Toronto, Malvern and West Toronto CIs.
Board staff had recommended saving four on that list but trustees added an additional three in a vote around 11:20 p.m. 
“It was literally an eleventh hour decision,” said St. Paul’s trustee Josh Matlow the following morning. 
However, Danfoth, Oakwood, Parkdale CIs, Bickford Centre, Central Commerce, Bloor CI and Western Tech (Ursula Franklin site) weren’t so lucky as their pools got the axe.The saved facilities will be added to a list of 13: Allenby PS, AY Jackson SS, Deer Park PS, Glenview PS, Harbord CI, Keele PS, Lawrence Park CI, Newtonbrook SS, Northern SS, RH King Academy, Riverdale CI, Stephen Leacock CI and Westview Centennial SS that the trustees had voted to save back in April.
Another 13 are still on a probationary list until the end of December. If sufficient permit revenue can’t be found then pools will be drained at Winona/McMurrich PS, Monarch Park, Jarvis CI, Fern Avenue PS, Earl Grey PS and Carleton Village PS, Central Technical, Downsview SS, George Harvey CI, Kensington Community Jr, Queen Alexandra PS, SATEC/AW Porter CI and Western Technical School (which has two pools).
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  1. I have been reporting on the school pools issue since 2002 for the Town Crier. Please go to for continued updates and reaction on the fate of the school pools built by Toronto taxpayers as a community asset, Kris.

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