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Toronto may allow backyard chickens

Toronto Chicken lady.Town Crier file photo.

Toronto opens debate to permit chickens in urban yards
By Kris Scheuer
The city may be gathering the pluck to allow residents to legally have chickens in their backyards.
The issue was raised in a staff report on urban agriculture at the June 16 Parks and Environment Committee meeting. 
“While accessibility to a healthy and sustainable supply of eggs, increased soil fertility, pest and weed control are considered benefits of keeping urban chickens, the situation requires further examination,” the report stated. “Staff will investigate the feasibility of raising chickens in an urban setting.”
The truth is, chickens are already cooped up in the city. 
As the Town Crier reported last summer, a midtown yard is home to three hens. Continue reading


Seven school pools saved

Trustee Josh Matlow.Town Crier file photo.
But seven more go down the drain

By Kris Scheuer
Seven pools have been taken off the critical list, while another seven will be drained for good.
The Toronto District School Board voted June 24 to save pools at George S. Henry Academy, Forest Hill, Rosedale Heights SS, Humberside, North Toronto, Malvern and West Toronto CIs.
Board staff had recommended saving four on that list but trustees added an additional three in a vote around 11:20 p.m. 
“It was literally an eleventh hour decision,” said St. Paul’s trustee Josh Matlow the following morning. 
However, Danfoth, Oakwood, Parkdale CIs, Bickford Centre, Central Commerce, Bloor CI and Western Tech (Ursula Franklin site) weren’t so lucky as their pools got the axe. Continue reading